Gotcha Monitoring Systems ®

Benefits and Advantages


Gotcha provides infrastructure managers and train operators with cost-effective solutions for a wide range of real-time monitoring requirements. Among others:

  • Track usage (tonnage, axle loads, dynamic loads, vehicle identification)

  • Vehicle maintenance (vehicle identification, wheel condition, carbon strip integrity)

  • Asset protection (wheel defects, load distribution, pantograph uplift)

  • Environment (noise emission monitoring, vibration)

  • Feedback through dedicated user interfaces

In addition to these core capabilities, the Gotcha system's provision of secure, reliable, high capacity real time data analysis and storage capability with instant transmission to train control and maintenance centres throughout the network, gives a flexible and powerful base for rail system optimizations.


  • No EMC problems due to fibre optic technology

  • Operates reliably at wide speed range (30-360 km/h)

  • Easy to install, no decommissioning of the track

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • No special preparation of the track (no adaptations to rail, pads or sleepers)

  • No interference with existing track systems

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Sustainable platform with a wide variety of 'plug-and-play' modules.

  • Built for demanding environmental conditions

  • Normal track maintenance possible, e.g. tamping, without removal of sensors.


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