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Gotcha description

Lloyd's Register Rail has an extensive rail consultancy network that together with optical fiber technology of SST the Netherlands, forms the basis for the development of the wayside monitoring platform known as Gotcha.
Among the Lloyd's Register Rail customer base are infra-providers, operating companies and maintainers around the world. Our extensive wheel rail interaction knowledge and working closely together with our customers and partners enabled Lloyd's Register Rail to successfully implement over 80 Gotcha Monitoring Systems.

About Gotcha

Gotcha is an open wayside monitoring platform to measure the quality of various aspects of trains. The most common modules used are Wheel Defect Detection to monitor the quality of the wheels and the Weighing in Motion to determine the load of a passing vehicle. A variety of sensor types can be added to the platform to determine the state of different aspects of rail business.

Open platform

Gotcha is an open platform that allows adding a wide variety of modules. All modules are 'plug-and-play' and as such can use the platform's information and communication technology, power, vehicle identification, triggering and more. This significantly reduces the number of track-side cabinet, maintenance effort and installation time.


During each vehicle passage the vehicle type is automatically identified based on axle distances. Additionally, RFID technology can be used to indentify individual vehicles and vehicle numbers. The results of the local data processing are automatically sent to a central server together with the vehicle type/number. Gotcha incorporates state of the art communication alternatives, so the Gotcha system can be tuned based on the customer needs. For each specific end-user Gotcha generates asset management information, presented in user friendly graphical user interfaces.

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