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Infrastructure managers

Infrastructure managers

Every day the rail infrastructure suffers from tens of thousands of wheels, thousands of wheel defects and tons and tons of loads. Gotcha can induce a substantial reduction of the track maintenance costs and provide insight in the usage of the track.

Track access charging

TOC's and FOC's induce an enormous load on your track. By charging them for their track access you have the ability to influence their choices and reduce the impact on your track. A very straightforward method is to charge every user based on the weight of the train. Gotcha can determine the actual weights for you. But moreover, Gotcha provides a method to charge the users based on the dynamic impacts that are introduced into the track by for instance wheel defects. And controlling dynamic impacts is crucial in the deterioration of your track.

High impact detection

Some trains induce such high forces into the track that deterioration is increased significantly and safety can no longer be guaranteed. As infra manager you probably have a limit to the dynamic impacts that you allow. But can you actually control this limit? With Gotcha you have a powerful system to determine within a minute after a train passage if any alarm limits are exceeded. This enables you to stop a train before unnecessary damage is done to the track.

Planning track maintenance

To adequately plan maintenance of your track and points you need to know how much load passes each section of track. Gotcha can provide that information, but you would need to place a system on every part of your track. By clever combination with time tables it has proven to be possible to determine the load on every part of the track. This information can also be used to determine usage of points. This enables you to determine when a point machine needs service. With increasingly stringent safety regulations for track work it is vital to minimise the time your staff needs to be on or near the line.

Gotcha provides:

  • Easy access to management information

  • Track and switch utilisation information to effectively allocate maintenance resources.

  • Damage control

  • Control room (alarm) interfaces

  • Infra charging based on actual passed tonnage or even dynamic wheel loads

  • Environmental monitoring

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