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Gotcha Mobile

Gotcha Mobile

The Gotcha Mobile is an easy to move measurement system for weighing in motion of rail vehicles and the detection of impact due to wheel defects. The system is designed for temporary verification of the quality and weight of rolling stock. The system can work independently of local power and telecommunication facilities and is therefore suitable to use on many different locations.

The heart of the Gotcha Mobile is the standard Gotcha Monitoring System. The functionalities that are specific to the mobile system include:

  • Gotcha Mobile has 12 sensors as standard, to mitigate for variable track conditions and give higher accuracy more quickly

  • More robust and flexible fibre-optic cabling to reduce possibility of component failure during handling

  • A power supply unit is supplied with the Gotcha Mobile to operate autonomously for 2 to 3 weeks. During the day a generator charges a battery to ensure silent operation during the night.

  • Gotcha Mobile covers a single-track application

  • The Gotcha Mobile includes a Tag reader to enable Automatic Vehicle Identification using RFID tags

  • Communication with the central server takes place through a wireless modem

  • The Gotcha Mobile is integrated in an industry standard trailer with tilting sensors to detect any unauthorised movement of the station

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