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Noise Emission Monitoring

Gotcha's Noise Emission Monitoring

Gotcha's Noise Emission Module is a simple plug-in to the standard Gotcha Monitoring Systems® platform, giving reliable measurements. A key benefit of the system is the sophisticated Gotcha Noise Software and high-capacity storage capability located at trackside, giving accurate real-time asset management data for all variables measured.

The new Noise Emission Module has been developed based on the same philosophy as the other Gotcha modules, being reliable, easy to install and giving 'fit and forget' functionality. It can be installed at a bespoke location, or can be added to any existing Gotcha installation. Once installed, the Noise Emission Module measures the noise emission of passing trains automatically, without any impact on normal train operation during installation or day-to-day use. The Noise Measurements are in compliance with ISO 3095 'Measurement of noise emitted by rail bound vehicles'.

The basis for this module is a combination of hardware from Bruel & Kjaer, the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions combined with specific Gotcha hard- and software. The module is specially designed for background monitoring of environmental noise, passing information direct to the Gotcha system where noise information is further processed, integrated with the train passage information and sent to a central server. This enables customer to access an entire new range of acoustic information in the familiar Gotcha layout.

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