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Train Operating Companies

The ultimate end-user are the passengers and aspects like: enough seating space, reliable time-tables, affordable tickets, comfortable travel, low noise and few interruptions, are only some of the items that matter. In order to achieve these goals a rich resource of management information should be available. Gotcha can aid in complementing and completing this information need.

Passenger counting

Are some of your trains overcrowded while others are almost empty? Gotcha can assist you in improving your timetable to increase passenger satisfaction. Every time a train passes a Gotcha locations the current weight is determined. By subtracting the known weight the approximate number of passengers can be determined. And in case the weight of your trains is not known Gotcha can calculate the weight based on passes of (almost) empty trains. Knowledge of the number of passengers that travel with your fleet every day enables you to make a founded decision for the number of trainsets to be used.

Reduction of secondary damage

Gotcha monitors the condition of your wheelsets. The condition can be automatically categorised into for instance:

  • no significant damage

  • turn during next short term maintenance

  • turn within one week

  • turn within 24 hours

The last two categories enable you to minimise secondary damage to axles, primary suspension and axle boxes.

Wheelset maintenance

With Gotcha placed at strategic locations along the track every train can be measured multiple times a day. Gotcha can be used to not only know which wheels need to be turned, but also to improve your condition based maintenance by turning the wheels before secondary damage occurs. The availability of your fleet increases, because your maintenance becomes planable! And if your fleet is maintained by a third party, Gotcha gives you the opportunity to monitor their progress.

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