Gotcha Monitoring Systems ®



Gotcha Monitoring Systems® is a joint development of Lloyd's Register Rail and former Baas Research and Development (now SST NL). SST NL offers leading research, development and consultancy on practical applications of optical fiber technology, optoelectronics and photonics.

TENS is among others specialised in intelligent systems supporting railway transport, in particular technical diagnostics of rail vehicles on the track in regular traffic. TENS integrated the Gotcha system in their wayside diagnostic system 'ASDEK' which is in use by the Polish railways throughout the country.

STI-Global offers a range of security and risk management products for the transportation industry. STI global supplies, installs, commissions and maintains Gotcha Monitoring Systems in their local markets.

TagMaster designs and markets long-range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems. Gotcha Monitoring Systems equips TagMaster readers for vehicle identification.

Nexala is a world leader in Rail IT solutions. Nexala and Lloyds Register Rail form a strategic partnership for the integration of Nexala's Insights™ performance analysis and decision support system with Lloyd's Register's Gotcha wayside monitoring system for train operators, infrastructure managers and rolling stock maintenance companies.

VolkerRail specialises in railway construction and maintenance. For train, light rail, tram and metro. VolkerRail installs Gotcha throughout the Netherlands and in other European countries.

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